Why JI is a target of Liberal Fascists

Jamaat-e-Islami-ExhibitionMuhammad Saad Khan

A lot is being said about Jamaat e Islami (JI) in political arena. Since there is not an iota of allegation on ground of ethical and moral corruption against JI, the liberal elite comes up with rather silly accusations, extremism, violence against women, lack of social  activism just to name a few.

Their rhetoric defines them i.e., ‘do in Rome as Romans do’ and the dire wish to mold Islam in such a way that all is kosher, making religion flexible like a liquid which takes the shape of its container. It is just like ‘halal-ifying’ bikini in Islam because for them it’s a personal   choice of an individual.

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) is their target because only JI talks about implementation of Islam and ideology of Pakistan. They rely on mockery and baseless allegations in response to facts and ground realities.

JI does not bifurcate religion and politics. For JI, politics is part of religion. Secularism is a myth and people who practice a certain religion, do have a certain influence of it in their public life. Also, Islam is equally applicable to public life of Muslims. Quran and Sunnah categorically formulates rules which have to be implemented by the state.

For the past seventy years, JI is working on the base of its ‘dawat e deen’ which revolves around teaching of Quran and Sunnah and strive to establish an Islamic state. JI doesn’t believe and have never supported any underground movements. The problem with liberal mind-set is that it doesn’t differentiate between underground movement and someone openly working with an ideology and belief system.  All the workers and leaders of JI are product of its own and there is no ‘lota’ or turncoat in JI. Everyone who wants to join JI has to go through a process of membership.e spiritual and academic training and over the years a commoner can become a leader. There is no hereditary leadership in JI.

People must know that JI has a history of seventy years. Surviving tests of times for seven decades without any disintegration is a huge success and it shows level of commitment of JI and its workers. JI is the only organization which has worked for sectarian harmony throughout the country and its on record. The efforts of JI to bring peace among different sects are appreciated by both sides. JI has never been involved in terrorism; rather it’s a victim of terrorism itself. Yes, JI is against war of terror and drone attacks. While others merely talk about it, JI parliamentarian from Bajour actually resigned from Parliament after first drone attack.

One has to be extremely dishonest to turn a blind eye to the role of JI in natural disasters and testing times. First camp for rehabilitation of immigrants was established and run by JI workers in 1947 in Lahore and from that day onwards, JI activists are working from Khyber to Karachi and Kashmir to Gawadar to help the victims. Only JI workers have been helping IDPs of FATA while most of others rely on lip services only.  JI has been active in rural areas of Punjab and Sindh in recent floods doing rehabilitation work. Recently when homes of Christian community were demolished, JI established medical and welfare camps to help the victims .

JI women wing is the most active women wing of any organization. It has a separate setup and it works independently. Elected women leadership works till grass root level and provides help to women and children and raise voice for them. Women MNAs of JI from 2002-2007 were most active in the Parliament. It can be checked from Parliamentary record that while a lot of women legislators didn’t speak at all, JI women wing raised its voice on all issues. Also, it’s a known fact in Pakistan that most of the violence against women occurs in the areas of feudal lords, who are a significant part of ruling liberal elite but seldom eyebrows are raised against feudal lords.

JI is committed to contest the elections with full zeal. The option of seat adjustment with like-minded parties should be kept open to reduce the chances of division of votes. JI has fielded its candidates from FATA to Karachi to Baluchistan, and the workers are hopeful to show a good performance in the upcoming elections.

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